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On October 10 the Publisher Blu Art Book | Domenico Vecchio, began the preparatory phase for the production of a photographic book of
Street Photography, entitled:

"On The Street"

the photobook will be carried out on paper in portrait format with size 33 x 43 cm and 7 cm, will consist of 600 pages.
The book is made of high quality and designed for domestic and international markets.

The book will have the following sections:

* Italy: best-known cities, quaint villages.

* World: the world's largest cities.

* Phone shot: a section dedicated exclusively to photography quickly effected via a mobile phone and tablet.

The Publisher will purchase outside of your personal archive, 300 images exclusively.
The photos in the book, will be about 1,000 in high definition, including a few dozen folding Quad format compared to the book.

It expects to admit and then give you the ability to publish your photos to around 20 photographers, for a combined total of 300 images.

The editor will choose directly, without the request procedure, only some photographers.

Photographers already featured on this site, do not participate in the selection for the automatically creation of photo book, for legal reasons.
If intedessero participate, must make the appropriate request.

So anyone interested must fill out the form below.

For any further information please write to:


For Photographer means professional and amateurs.

The Publisher will purchase the rights to image directly from each Photographer.
The rights will be exclusively with its waiver form for each photo from the Photographer, then you may want to send photos if possible, do not advertise on social networks, although it is not an essential requirement.
It is understood that the Publisher, once acquired the rights from the Photographer, the Photographer will no longer be able to use the photo of him taken on no media outlet and on social networks and personal blogs, until the release of the book, and in any case will no longer be the holder of the right of the image and will have to ask permission to publish to this Editor.

All images that appear on the book are all purchased exclusively, as above, and each Photographer is cited with a biography and an image plate in the book, but will not participate in the development of the book let alone have income from it.

The photographer who agree with their images to the realization of the book, must have the following requirements:

-be in possession of the Raw format, in the absence of the Raw format the Publisher doesn't buy the image, only Jpg format does not warrant that the image is owned by whoever proposes and therefore does not publish.
At the time of the agreement and the purchase, the photographer must deliver the Raw format and the original Jpg.

-The editor may decide to leave the image in color or black and white tarsformarla.

-are allowed only from images minimum size of 3800px up, with the exception of images from phones and tablets.

Every photographer wishing to sell their images, it can submit to the editor in the following format and Jpg 72 dpi size 600px max for one side, specifying that he fulfils the conditions required for the sale, as specified above, and in the following ways:

-Jpg images should be in their natural state, cannot be altered with programs such as Photoshop, in the presence of altered photos are immediately discarded.
If the photographer prefers that his image is in black and white (in each case the choice is up to the Publisher) can send your image to black and white, followed by that color.
Do not send photos to Hdr or manipulated because aren't accepted.

Do not allow images that depict minors, if you do not follow from the original release of the child's parent.
The Publisher does not admit of cloudings pictures, so in case of minors unless in possession of model releases does not send photos.

The selection of images is very rigid and is given an explanation as to why we don't accept.

When choosing the editor will contact the photographer for the agreement.

Photographers already featured on this site, do not participate in the selection for the automatically creation of photo book, for legal reasons.
If intedessero participate, must make the appropriate request.

The images chosen for inclusion in the photographic book, will be put on-line in a special Gallery on this site, only after the publication of the book.



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