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  Antonio Maria Berardi
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Antonio Maria Berardi


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My name is Antonio Maria Berardi, but everybody call me Antonello.
Are born 8 July 1960 in Melfi, a small town in southern Italy, but since I was three years old I live in Potenza, the capital of Basilicata.
I am an amateur photographer, professionally I work on another.
I am a lawyer and owner of a small law firm and law professor at secondary school in second grade, owner of professorship at the the.P.S.S.E.O. "Umberto Di Pasca" of Potenza.
I am married to Tiziana.
I have other hobbies besides photography; in my free time I like to travel, read, go sailing, cooking.
As a boy I was sailing instructor and skipper, at the same time I am engaged in volunteering and Catholic associations.

My amateur photographer's life consists of four distinct phases:

In eleven years, at my request, I was given my first kodak instamatic, a beautiful and simple machine that has approached the world of photography an entire generation.
It was a small compact fixed focus with a spring-loaded bolt with an exposure time of 1/120 of a second, but with the possibility of adjusting the aperture.
Adopted innovative solutions, for its time, as the plastic charger incorporating the film form "126" or the legendary "cuboflash".
I'm trying to restore and I hope to post some pictures taken on many trips with my parents.

At seventeen I bought an olympus OM-1 with a goal from 50 mm., followed by a 28 mm lens. Soligor, a focal Doubler, an objective 300 mm. Tamron and especially a Durst enlarger M601 with all accessories for developing and printing photographs.
The mythical times closed afternoons in the dark in the darkroom, autosmaltante, paper and liquid fixing kept in bottles covered with newsprint of polarizing filter, slides, when also spent fifteen days as of the moment when, with the press, he finally saw the result.

Twenty-four years I became a sailing instructor and skipper. I had to greatly reduce my photographic equipment, restricted to a Canon compact waterproof, then to Minolta watermatic, a small 35 mm. fixed focus and without any adjustment of timing and diaphragm, but with double focal (50 and 100 mm) underwater up to 5 m. I'm so managed to document many cruises on the Côte d'Azur, Corsica, Costa Smeralda, the Tuscan Archipelago, Cyclades, Ionian, Sporades, southern Turkey, Lesser Antilles, obtaining photographs incredibly well managed, even in the face of the inadequacy of the means used.

Then suddenly, as often happens, passed forty years I realized that was a long time I had stopped to photograph.
Meanwhile the world had changed.
I bought it for a Canon Power shot from 2 MP I was approached in the world of digital photography, then a bridge: a Fuji from 6 MP and, recently, even a compact: a Samsung W960 with an 18 x optical zoom and a wide-angle lens from 28 mm. with whom I leave home each morning.
True amateur use essential equipment, not at all sophisticated.
Also in post-production does not use Photoshop and do not apply to special processing, but photographs using Picture Manager, which is a free utility Office.
My interventions are limited to straighten images, cropping images, operate on the brightness, contrast and color saturation to return to digital photography the naturalness that JPEG format has taken away the actual picture.
I consider myself a generalist photographer, photographer everything around me I'm curious about and think through my photographs I end up with making an image of myself.
A few months ago I started to publish my pictures on the site and I thus started 500px to share my passion with hundreds of friends who thank you for your attention that I have reserved.
Excites me the idea to be followed on a daily basis and to follow so many people worldwide regardless of everything from politics, religion, culture, but sharing exclusively positive values of authentic fraternity.
For this I have collected with enthusiasm the invitation that I was asked to post my photos on Street Urban.
I hope to be at the height of the new adventure begins.




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