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  Giovanni Sottile
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Giovanni Sottile


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Giovanni Sottile was born in brianza in 1961, where he lives and works as a craftsman, the artistic vein has been transmitted by padre Ignazio and uncle Giuseppe accomplished painters.

At an early age he had a great interest in analog photography but He began to devote more time to his passion some years ago thanks to digital photography, convinced that photography can capture the invisible in the visible spectrum.

With the transition from the analog world "to" digital "has discovered a new world without barriers and constraints tanto amati as hated, a fascinating world with technologies if used appropriately, continue to live emotions.
And that's with a good digital Kit with the same passion and years Youth continue to shoot and a clik after another led him to deepen
that curiosity that since he was little he had.

In recent years has significantly improved his technique.
It deals with a precise genre but devotes himself to turn styles and subjects always try images rich in emotions but simple and natural style, Although he developed a great aptitude for photos street which leads him to represent the everyday life of the largest cities in Europe and Italy.

It is a careful observer of everyday life, to photography as research tool for telling a staff social realities and cultural life and not only that, also because it is the good photographer make "interesting" subjects or situations than a superficial examination showed it.

In the era of YouTube video and smartphones in the age where it is increasingly difficult to "speak" a picture.




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